Intermediate Jewelry Making Theme Week Video #2

Just a fun little tip that you can wire wrap beads on just about everything. That’s what I did here in this video but I wire wrapped leather. 

What piece of handmade jewelry have you write wrapped?

Advanced Earring Making Theme Week Video #1

Earring making can be as easy or complex as you want like in this video. Here I do have difficulties that I did not edit out. Why? Because the struggle is real. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been making jewelry or crafting, struggles will happen. So check out my struggle😁

May Unboxing: Vitality

Final Video For Theme Week Easy Peasy Earrings

Love beads? Have beads that are unique? Use them in a pair of earrings as a focal bead. This is great for those unique beads that will really stand out as a statement piece. In a statement piece, the bigger, the better😉

Welcome To Video #4 Of Easy Peasy Earrings Week!

Do you have a charm or charms you love and want to show off in your jewelry pieces? Make earrings out of them! Earrings are great for beginner jewelry makers because they can be made within minutes without a lot of items needed. 

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